Narrative Soup Link List

You are what you consume, at least when it comes to narratives. Some smart people are talking about the narrative soup we’re all consuming.

“I Don’t Like Bullies”: Captain America and a New Masculinity:  I’m not 100 percent sure I agree with 100 percent of everything here. The “ride or die” aspect of Cap’s friendship with Bucky has always bugged me. And the “I can do this all day” inability to back down can be a dangerous amplifier for toxic behavior. But I do like that Steve Rogers is being shown as the moral center of the MCU. There are far far worse role models.

Intellectual Superheroes: I feel like the rise of really amazing special effects has undermined the tradition of thoughtful superheroes who with with their brains. It’s hard to do the FX for someone thinking really HARD. But Librarians does it! I love the Librarians for a thousand reasons, only some of which are mentioned here.

TV Killed off a Lot of Women Last Week: This is troubling in so many ways.Enough ways that I may write a whole blog entry on it later. Take the spoiler warning at the start of this article seriously, though. See also: Castle without Kate Beckett? 

Every Heart a Doorway: A novella by Seanan McGuire examining what happens when children (mostly girls) return from portal fantasy worlds. I hope that she returns to this world and talks about the reason that girls tend to need to leave our reality to have adventures.

Every semi-competent male hero has a more talented female sidekick. Why isn’t she the hero instead? The title says it all.

Kate Beacon on Tit Windows: BWAH

Finally, Annie Leibovitz has taken a photo that should be the pitch for a multi-million dollar  movie franchise.




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