Narrative Soup Links — 7/20/2016

Why Do Pokemon Avoid Black Neighborhoods? This is a fascinating example of how legacy continues and codifies inequity. Knowing that the database came from Ingress players, this was practically inevitable. Niantic should have done their due diligence and corrected this before it went live.

Rewriting the History of AIDS Patient Zero? Not so much.

No One Likes Meg This entire four-part series of essays providing a close-reading analysis of Little Women is brilliant and everyone should read it. But for me, the pieces about Meg was revelatory. In it, we see how one of the main lessons of womanliness is that it should always appear effortless. Meg’s two main chapters are about the “failure” of being shown to work at being perfect. I simultaneously want to go back and re-read it and hide any copies from my daughter.

Along similar lines, this Vox article about Taylor Swift proves that being shown to work at being perfect is still (200 years later!)  the biggest crime a woman can commit.

Mike Pence is a horrible, evil, awful pile of misogyny. The Mary Sue breaks down why ab old op-ed he wrote back in the 90s proves that he’s always been that way.

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